Vendor Program Agreement

Vendor Program Agreement (VPA) is ACC`s simple and understandable agreement regarding the terms of the relationship. The particularity of our VPA is that it is a bilateral agreement that gives guarantees and conditions to be respected by both VAC and the supplier. This is not the first way! There are many major benefits associated with vendor programs. First, vendors want complementary financial solutions that help deliver the product to end users. To do this, the funding program must be both relevant and competitive. A compromised financial product because disruptors are not properly anticipated and respond to them can lead to major program setbacks. If pushing the product is the #1 target for the supplier, you don`t want to be in a position where you can no longer properly support product distribution teams. In supplier organizations where many leasing and equipment financing programs are already struggling to get their relevance, gaps that cannot be filled quickly can cause troublesome waves in a product distribution organization. If the reliability of financial products becomes an issue, repairing the effects can take years or, in some cases, be irreversible. What if the MST was less predictable and the solution contained products and services from multiple vendors? Imagine an enterprise software solution that will be delivered by a systems integration consultant to a FORTUNE 500 company, with the solution running on a large brand vendor`s hardware delivered via the cloud. The company`s solution may have a fixed price or subscription cost, or costs may be based on the number of jobs expected on the first day, with accelerators being considered to account for the growth in the number of employees over time. What happens if the hardware specified by the hardware manufacturer does not work enough? What happens if the hardware manufacturer accuses the software developer of performance issues? What happens if the only VPA running is between the systems integration consulting firm and the vendor financing provider? It`s easy to see how fortune 500 might be reluctant to sign some sort of framework contract that contained hell or flood rules preventing them from withholding payments in the event of a breakdown of hell.

For a managed clientele, you control your customers by having them in a rental agreement. A good visual example may be that if a customer pays in cash, it`s the same as putting a “For Sale” sign around their neck that advertises to sell a customer. The customer is open to his competitors and is not controlled by your salespeople. Supplier programs bring enormous added value to both funders and the suppliers they support. Without them, many product providers would be forced to invest in complex financial processes that are not at the heart of their business, instead of relying on the expertise and programming capabilities of a funder. Many of these relationships have remained unchanged for 10 years or more. This is proof of the strength of the partnership and its performance in its overall program, if that happens. But even if a partnership is strong today, suppliers need to be especially careful to ensure that these relationships can still pass the test of time. . .