Sponsorship Agreement Parents

Sponsors must prove that their total income meets a threshold called the minimum income requirement (MNI) necessary to support themselves, their direct family members in Canada, and the needs of sponsored parents or grandparents. An agreement proving the sponsor`s MNI must be submitted at the same time as the application for permanent residence sponsorship to confirm that sponsors have the financial means to assist and care for arriving family members and take proper care of them. Permanent residence in Canada and over 18 years of age. In addition, a sponsor may not be subject to a removal order, detained in prison or late with a former sponsorship company or a court-ordered payment obligation. Finally, a limited partner can only have filed for bankruptcy because of a disability or receive social assistance. With regard to criminal convictions, a sponsor does not have the right to do so if he has been convicted of an offence of a sexual nature or for an offence resulting in assault on a family member. The information you provide on your sponsorship application must match information about your interest in the sponsorship forms, including status in the Canadian document. If we cannot compare your application information with sponsorship interest information, we may not accept your sponsorship request and send it back to you. If your name or mailing address has changed since you filed an interest in the sponsorship form, attach a letter explaining all the changes and proof of the changes to your application. If you need to change your data after sending your application, you can send a request via our web form. The province of Quebec requires additional criteria for family sponsorship once the federal requirements are met. Following the sponsorship application, potential sponsors living in Quebec will receive an email or letter with instructions on how to send a special agreement to the Government of Quebec.

Canada has one of the most extensive family reunification programs, as countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom have very restrictive criteria when it comes to sponsoring parents and grandparents, some of which even prohibit sponsorship of grandparents altogether. Sponsors must sign a sponsorship obligation and agreement refining the sponsor`s liability for 20 years after the sponsored member`s permanent residence….