Seven Sacred Agreements

24-000: Why do you have seven holy provisions to build your tribe? A deep overview of several case studies will be followed by meditations that will allow each person to connect with animals with which they shared their lives to reveal the sacred chords they shared. How, if possible, to create a sacred transition for your pet. Case studies show the most frequent possibilities of how soul chords will be active in your relationship with animals. She will describe each of the seven types of soul contracts she has observed, which work in a person`s relationship with his animals. LH: The relationships that have the most borders and agreements are the ones that last the longest. [For example] are marriages that have limits, chords and open conversations that tend to work best. We will explore new paradigms, discover the history of the animal soul, and learn more about the seven types of soul contracts that will support and use your common evolutionary journeys. Each chapter teaches one of the seven lessons of holy wealth and wisdom, wrapped in a personal agreement they conclude with themselves. The chapters describe one of the agreements, including the underlying principles that support your potential for prosperity.

Self-discovery exercises at the end of each chapter put the reader on the line and keep him in the process. The aim is to raise awareness and transform negative beliefs and attitudes into wealth. The purpose of this book is to inspire and give hope to millions of people who have not reached their potential for prosperity, but who have a passion and desire to lead a rich, focused and fulfilled life. Unlike rich fast books that give a temporary solution, Wealthy U offers a foundation of wisdom with which you can build and appreciate your wealth. The reader receives a strategic action plan to create a sustainable basis for wealth. “This master class will change you forever. The beauty and wisdom of Tammy`s heart is so bright that your heart will never, ever be the same. With their words, your heart will expand and you will finally understand the beautiful sacred treaties and agreements you have made with every beloved animal present in your life. Greater understanding will bring this love and peace to your beloved animals. I`m changed forever. “My gratitude will always be with Tammy.” The praise of “Wealthy U” “A must be read for mandated sellers and business owners.

Marilyn August defies the embedded money myths that most of us have with their seven lessons that make by your and your prospects that limit belief in money. Your ideas and concepts promise to close more business for more money as soon as you incorporate Marilyn`s money philosophy into your professional life. It also works for personal money relationships, because couples learn to think differently from money. J. Scott Bailey, Owner, Sandler Regional Training Center, Irvine, CA Lori Harder: I feel like women are begging for support and deep bond.