San Francisco Residential Purchase Agreement

If a buyer does not receive any of the information listed below, they may have 3 days to terminate their contract (or 5 days from the date of shipment) by notifying the Seller or Seller`s Representative (CC 1102.3). Liquidation damage: By the paraphrases here, buyers and sellers agree that liquid damages will be no more than 3% of the purchase price, the buyer should be removed from the contract. If both parties do not start this line and the buyer does not act under the terms of the contract, the seller may demand unlimited “damages.” This could involve damage resulting from extra days on the market and, ultimately, selling at a lower price, among other things. Purchase price – the price you offer. If the seller accepts the offer as it is, go ahead with the purchase price. When negotiating and exchanging counter-offer forms, the terms of the counter-offer are contrary to the terms of the initial offer. This standard contract and associated standard addendums are used in almost all of our residential purchase transactions in the city regardless of price. And while California`s standard contract is unfavorable to the city, many standardized California forms are used in connection with the San Francisco contract. (Understand us, the California contract can still be used, because you may not be forced to use on another`s contract). It`s time to get the mortgage approved. Recent changes in lending in light of the 2008 financial crisis have ensured that everyone who borrows a mortgage is fully qualified. And in San Francisco, buyers who want to compete with all-offers are usually fully signed before making an offer. Until October 2015, this generally meant that financed purchases could obtain a credit authorization within 14 days, meaning that the entire trust fund could be made within 21 days.

However, the legislative amendments have only caught up and have now added a three-day waiting period before credit documents can be signed. This is a long explanation for the modification of the contract in 2015, which goes from a 30-day approval period to 21 days. Initial deposit amount: (usually 3% of the purchase price). For example, if the purchase price is $1,000,000, the deposit is $30,000 – under the trust (a third party that monitors funds before the transaction period) either by cheque or by electronic funds within the first 48 hours (usually) within the first 48 hours after the offer is accepted.